What Every Rowing Machine Buyer Needs to Know

The rowing machine is one of the most commonly overlooked pieces of gym equipment but it offers one of the best metabolic workouts. With all the new and shiny equipment for sale, it can be easy to overlook a simple rowing machine and go for something that looks a lot more complicated. In this case, the machine with all the bells and whistles might not offer the best results.

Benefits of Rowing

When it’s done properly, rowing works all of the major muscle groups. This means someone who uses a rowing machine won’t have to spend as much time working out every day. Because this type of exercise boosts metabolism, people who use a PerfectRower for fifteen minutes at a time, three or four times a week will lose more weight than someone who runs on the treadmill for an hour every day. Some women are hesitant to do a strength workout like this because they are afraid they’ll get bulky but this just isn’t the case. Women who row regularly build more lean muscle than those who only do cardio workouts.

Choosing a Machine

There are a few things everyone who wants to get in shape should look for in a rowing machine. Many people start with a indoor rowing machine buyers guide to learn about the basics and decide which features they need. Some rowing machines have large displays that provide a lot of information. Other, simple models may not even have a display. Most people purchase rowing machines that offer some information but those who are on a tight budget can get a great workout with a simple machine. Review sites like perfectrower.co.uk offer some great tips for buying exercise equipment.

What’s Next

After purchasing a rowing machine, it’s critical to learn the proper way to use it. Improper use could cause injuries or even worse, could be a huge waste of time. Men and women who don’t row correctly won’t see much, if any, benefits from their workout. They’ll be disappointed with the results and they’ll either put the rowing machine is a closet or sell it for a loss. On the other hand, those who take the time to learn the appropriate form will see results quickly, causing them to continue working out so they’ll look and feel better.

A rowing machine workout is one of the best exercises for people who want to exercise all of their large muscle groups. By taking the time to find the best machine for their home and learning the proper rowing technique, men and women can get incredible results from this one piece of equipment.


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